Sunday, December 27, 2015


Khangar , Lodhi .Goojar, Bhar, Khatik, Pasi, were notified  as born crminals in the British Raj under Criminal Tribes Act, 1871. While infact these communities were krantikaari but not criminals. This notorious Act, first was implemented in north India. Though India got freedom in 1947 but these so called Criminals could not get freedom. The Criminal Tribe Act was repealed on 31 August 1952. Thus these krantikaari community were free after 5 years of independence. But stigma of criminality is still adhered on there forehead because State governments are not issuing Vimukt jaati certificates to them ( after repeal of criminal Tribe Act 1871, these communities were declared as Denotified Tribe or Vimukt Jaati). Police administration as well as civilians too assumed them Born Criminals. In the independent India, the ancestors of krantikaari are not free from stigma criminality.